N1DL – Karl Geng

Here is a station that would be the envy of many amateurs


From left to right and top to bottom are:

  • 1st rack: Rohde&Schwarz XK2100 running 24/7 Air Force MARS Winmor Radio Message Serverdrawer and Phone Patch, Rubidium 10 MHz standard linked to all radios
  • 2nd rack: PW-1 Linear Amp control on top fold out screen (in stowed position). Power conditioning and light module, ICOM IC7800
  • Pull out table: Audio switch matrix (mainly used for various digital modes on MARS) PactorIII modem and remote coax switch. Power distribution switch panel and below bottom panels is PW-1 Linear.
  • 3rd rack::(December 2010 addition) Fax machine on top, Alpha 9500 Linear Amplifier, Palstar AT AUTO antenna tuner
  • 4th rack: Speakers and electronic key paddle, fold out screen (in stowed position), Kenwoood TS-2000 (used mainly for VHF/UHF and back-up for HF) hidden behind panel is FLEX5000A SDR transceiver bottom behind panel are two 12 V 25 A DC power supplies and automatic antenna tuner
  • Desk: Apple 27″ IMAC running both OSX and Windows 7 OS with all programs internally “connected” with Virtual Audio Panel and Software Port Replicator
  • On roof: (20 floors high): 33 ft Marine Vertical HiQ 5-160 remote tune screwdriver antenna, 6m halo