Oil Well Park Outing

Oil Well ParkFloridaOilWellPlaque is defiantly one of my favorite events.  As it was my “live” introduction to the world of amateur radio.  From setting up antennas, to conversing with other hams, and learning about different station setups, and the modes that they are using.  That time of the year the weather is usually pleasant, allowing us to focus on radio related activities.  Unlike Field Day and some contests, it is not about getting the most QSO’s, so it’s a more relaxed event.  Having a cookout is always fun, and a nice break from the CQ CQ CQ.  The park is a pleasant venue, with some interesting history.  It is nice to meet travelers passing by, showing them our stations.  It’s a little out of the way, but I find the drive from Alligator Alley heading east to 29, and then north an enjoyable one.  Tuning my FM radio to 107.9 WFLU-LP, and learning more about the Everglades was a treat.  The only drawback of the event is that it goes by too quickly, however learning from the skills of other hams I was able to setup my own portable station.  I can use it in the backyard, or another park in the area.  To me that is one of the fun aspects of being a amateur radio operator.  Can’t wait for next year, and hope to see you there.

73, Rich – K4AOR