Winter Field Day – 2016

Winter Field Day is different then Field Day as it is usually cold up north, after all you need to be prepared for emergencies year round.  Until this year, the report was MO Temp RST and state, this year the report was without the temp. As we are working from sunny Florida, it did take some of the fun out of WFD. In the past years we did fair but never reached our full potential. We knew that we had a hill to climb so we had a lot of meetings on how to get more contacts and more multipliers.

Larry bought a Carolina Windom for 160 that he and Craig hung, and a six meter beam that Rich and George put together.  He also had a Carolina Windom for 80.  We had the two antennas, the tower for the tribander and two meters, the tower for six meters and 220, we tried to cover all bases.

We started out good on 20 and tried to get 15 meters going. Bob and Rich from Ft Myers come down and helped out. Maryanne served us plenty of food. Mark was in charge of the digital bands and the SSTV. We had the radios on all night with Rich, Craig, and Harry. We operated very good and it showed at the end.

Last year we had 218 contacts and 27 multiplier’s, we had  8,800+ points.

Now the good news starts. The totals speak for all the planning that went into this event.

We had 748 contacts and 34 multipliers, our final point score was 28,000+.

I think that we can do good when planning for what we want to accomplish.  That’s what makes Ham Radio so good when friends get together and has a good ending.

Thanks to all that helped. We are already planning for next Year.

73, George AA4GT



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George-AA4GT will lead the contest operation scheduled for January 31st.  This multi-band/multi-mode event will be held at the KC8JCB estate.  Contact George or Larry for details.  This is a great way to promote our slice of paradise as most of the contacts will be from our northern neighbors who will operate in much colder locations than our team.

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