Winter Field Day – 2019

Winter Field Day


Last Call  … End of January


Friday,  Jan, 25 … antenna set up at  N4LAK  QTH.
Saturday, Jan. 26 … Contest starts at 2 p.m.  [will close for the night when we run out of operators] Sunday, Jan. 26 … Will start when the First Operator arrives  [will close for the day around 2 p.m. or when we run out of operators]

Currently, we are planning on running one SSB station and one FT8 station, but as we have a small number of members signed up,  we can use any and all help. We will set up more details when we have a better estimate of who’s available to help.

If you have any interest in participating in this ARASWF major operating event of the Winter, now is the time to get in touch with contest coordinator Vic NE1Y at .

We need to schedule time so that we can keep the rigs running.

We are planning several demonstrations of the IC 7300 running FT8 with WSJT-X and JtAlertX tied into N3FJP logging software.  Times to be determined depending on interest.

Other events of the weekend depend on how many members and guests sign up.

If you would like to test out your satellite rig or emergency Go Box this will be a perfect opportunity with a couple of spare antennas to use.   Friday we will have some Cannon Practice … for those interested in launching tennis balls.

Remember up North there are thousands of Hams looking for us … all we have to do is be there for them.

Winter Field Day is the highlight of the winter in Warm Sunny Florida and geared to maintaining and enhancing our members’ operational skills.  Our Outdoor location is out in the wilds, but still quite comfortable, protected, and easy to get to. The Generators scare off the bears.  It is a 24-hour round-the-clock contest starting on Sat. at 2pm. with most of the action on Saturday to about 10pm and then Sunday morning. Antenna set up starts around 2pm on Friday and generally includes some cannon practice as well as deploying the Club’s two trailer towers.  Grill time is late Saturday afternoon.

ARASWF does not treat this as a high-pressure contest. We are just practicing our emergency radio operator skills to contact hundreds of other hams. Operators can participate as a single operator or as part of an operator/logger team.  The N3FJP contest software is pretty easy to use.  Guests are also invited to participate, and control operator and coaching is available. Our participation will be dependant on the number of operators signed up, but if an operator has a special interest — all options are on the table: CW, SSB, Digital, Sattelite [1 contact max for 1500 bonus points,] and VHF. Operators can sign up for one or more 1-hour time slots.  Operators may also use the site to test their Go Box stations.

Contact Vic, NE1Y