DMR Repeater is UP! (Update)



The DMR repeater on in Naples is back on the air with a new antenna!

Also, a link to “Amateur Radio Guide to Digital Mobile Radio” has been added to the “Links” section of the website.  This booklet was written by John S. Burningham and is available to our club members at no charge.  The booklet is currently being revised and we will be notified when the update is complete.


AB4NP – DMR, Marbella, Pelican Bay Naples:

  • The bridge between our IPSC2-Naples and DMR-MARC works again, thanks to the help of Uli, AG0X, John, W2XAB, Kurt, OE1KBC, Jim, KF5IW, Torsten, DG1HT and Markus, DH2YB
  • TG2 works on TS1 (not on TS2 as in Ft. Myers)
  • Using TG 3112 and TG3174 should also work, you have to make sure that the contact group and receive group are programmed into your radio
  • TS 1 is shared, keying the respective TG up will disconnect the other incoming traffic for 60 seconds, then it opens up for all TGs again, including DMR+ TGs 232, 262 and DMR-MARC TGs 2, 3112 and 3174. You can watch the operation on the internet: (or on
  • TS2 defaults to reflector 4639, USA nationwide, all other reflectors can be selected as usual, the repeater falls back to TG4639 after 60 minutes. You can watch the operation on the internet: (or on
  • As usual you can issue a disconnect for local use (transmit TG4000)


K5MI – DMR, J.W. Marriott on Marco Island:

  • K5MI – DMR is also up and running, Jim, K3AVR and Craig, NC2H and Uli, AG0X brought it up Friday afternoon with the help of Torsten, DG1HT. The repeater was paid for by Jim, K3AVR
  • QRG is 444.8125 + 5 MHz, CC = 1
  • All other settings are the same as on AB4NP
  • The range ends north of US41 in Naples right now, using a handheld with 5W (you can switch over to AB4NP at this point)
  • The current antennas were originally built as commercial antennas, the one on the Marriott has not been tuned to the ham band.
  • Both Jim, K3AVR and Larry, KC8JCB plan to install the new 4 element extended dipole antenna built for the amateur band in the near future, which should improve the coverage especially on K5MI